Something has begun to awaken inside you...

You are not yet quite sure what exactly. You do know one thing: you are no longer satisfied with your current life. But you are having trouble figuring out what to do about it. Because from the outside everything looks good: you have a successful career or business that you own and have achieved a fair or even epic level of material success, financial security and, for a while, a sense of personal accomplishment. You may even have a wonderful family that you love and that loves you. Yet the excitement is gone. Something is off. In fact “something is off” is probably an understatement.

You feel empty. Tired and burnt out.

Perhaps even depressed in a real medical sense. Probably self-medicating yet distracted by addictions that are taking a toll on your physical and mental health. It could be drinking, marijuana, harder drugs, eating, binge watching TV shows, playing video games, watching online pornography, shopping, social media, chasing money… Or a combination of any number of these or other things. This has been going on for a while when you look at it objectively, but now the discomfort and cognitive dissonance are getting so loud that you’re no longer able to ignore them.

Yet a part of you knows and has always known better

You have a spiritual inclination but have not yet committed to a regular practice. You know that there is much more to life than this human simulation. You used to want to change the world and make it a better place in a big way when you were younger. Deep inside you, you can feel a very powerful being that is waiting to be unleashed and shine its light onto the world. However, you are not sure what happened to this being or to your dreams as you got caught up in making a living for yourself and the ones you care for.

You are also a very sensitive individual though you may not fully realize it

At least people have told you that before. Your highs are REALLY high and your lows are REALLY low. Events seem to have more of an impact on you than on most people around you. You cry easily in front of movies. You are also intensely moved by music. People have told you before that you are a bit different. That you perceive the world in ways others do not. You can see beauty and intricate mechanisms of the Universe where others see randomness. You understand that pain and joy are inseparable in a very deep way and that everything happens for a reason.

You have a sharp and creative mind and you know it

But you also know you tend to spend a lot of time in your thoughts and can feel lonely and somewhat disconnected from the world around you. You often have a hard time knowing what emotions you are feeling exactly or why some things move you the way they do. And for all its amazing power, your mind has not been able to let you figure out why you feel the way you feel or what to do about it. Or perhaps you’ve begun to see what you need to do but feel you cannot do it alone, even though you are a very courageous person.

If this sounds very much like you, then you are in the right place

It is no coincidence you are reading these very words right now.

Let me tell you this dear one: you may not know it yet, but this is a very exciting time in your life. No matter how painful life feels right now it is actually a blessing. You are about to go through some intense soul searching & change. I am here to assist you during this process in a heart-centered way on every level – from the more esoteric to the earthly aspects – and bring to you in this very moment this message: Give Yourself Permission.

Sounds about right ? Contact me to book a free 1 hour Skype session so we can see if we are a good fit for each other. No strings attached. You can also find out a bit more about me and about what you can expect from working with me.

David is a force of nature, and catalyst for change and progress. He is highly insightful, passionate, committed to his path, and multi-talented. He also has a huge heart, and deep compassion for people’s life experience, having walked through his own life challenges and come out the other side having made changes in alignment with his deepest self. David is one of those special Souls gifted with the ability to uplift and guide those who are also ready for change, no matter where they may be starting from.

Lisa Berkovitz (mentor, Soul Mastery)

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