Let’s take a walk together. Here are some of the things you can expect to take away with you to continue to blossom and grow on your journey.


My coaching style is unconventional and first based on a feminine rather than masculine approach, although there are some strong masculine elements in the pillars I use as the foundation to guide and support you. Though I know the value of setting specific goals, working hard, having discipline and consistency etc…, the bulk of what I teach is not about that. It is first and foremost about accepting and loving yourself exactly as you are, as well as uncovering, bringing to clarity and working with your own unique circuitry and gifts with ease and flow, learning to be gentle with yourself before anything else.


Full permission

  • Full permission to take a break, heal, rest and recharge.
  • Full permission to put your own health, well-being and happiness first.
  • Full permission to receive unlimited help, support and guidance.
  • Full permission to no longer struggle and fight your addictions, but instead embrace them, listen to their message and let them slowly dissolve as you do the inner work and shed layers.
  • Full permission to do what brings you joy and energy, and source your financial success from a place of deep meaning, connection, liveliness and satisfaction.
  • Full permission to take the time you need to think, feel, sense, experiment and figure out what these joyous things might be, while maintaining financial balance.
  • Full permission to simply be who you already are and fully express it without restraint.

We will get you to a place where you will be much more relaxed, calm and able to re-center and pick yourself up again after a fall. Ready to execute on your dreams of changing the world, with your own unique gifts and circuitry brought to light with clarity and strength.


Spark ignition

It takes a spark to light a fire. I am here to ignite it with you and help you nurture it until you no longer need me. In the most efficient manner possible. To co-create with you the spark and momentum that will set you off on your journey of change and greater alignment with your true self, and help you navigate through the bumps in the road ahead. A road that will take you to a place where you will then be able to sustain the fire and course-correct on your own.

If you feel ready and decide to play along, together we will create an impulse and game plan that will be both efficient and resilient over time.


Bridging the Divine and the Earthly

If you have not yet looked at my “About” page, simply know that until not so long ago, I used to own and be the CEO of an e-commerce software publishing company. In fact, my entire professional life up until 2017 has been in graphic design, multimedia and web development, although I do also have a background in Psychology and a lifelong interest in Spirituality.

I am well versed in dealing with the practicalities and challenges of business and the material world and have an uncanny ability to get to the essentials. Fast.

And although I believe in letting your dreams and Spirit float as high as you can allow yourself, I also know the value of being able to respond adequately and efficiently to earthly matters in order to crystalize your vision and bring the Heavens down to Earth.

Know that this journey will require you to make some challenging and sometimes even scary choices and decisions, and then take concrete action to materialize them into your reality. I will need you to be ready to do the work and fully show up. Should you decide to walk with me, you will find that I can also be a powerful calming and grounding force as well as a reliable and practical advisor.


Drunken Master coaching: A different approach to addictions

This is where my unique brand and flavor really comes in, as a hypersensitive being with a roughly 20-year past of addictions, substance abuse and severe depressive episodes (read more here).

If you have been struggling with addictions, quit multiple times already but inevitably relapsed hard every time, you are not alone. I have too. Many times. Until I decided to try something different.

Fully stepping into a Drunken Master’s shoes is about no longer “trying to quit” or fighting anything. It is about chemistry and energy. It is about meeting yourself half-way, embracing your addictions, and even using them to explore the underlying emotions. And in doing so, finding the hidden messages and insights in them as well as unconditional self-acceptance and infinite kindness towards yourself, while adopting the healthy habits and practices that are right for you, ridding yourself of any shame or guilt.

This chemical and energetic rebalance will organically induce the dosage to self-regulate and even lead your addictions to gradually dissolve from the inside, giving you the needed clarity to embark on a deeply rewarding and profoundly transformative journey of self-exploration, cellular-level healing and restructuring of your life.

Most addictions are born out of some sort of suffering or emotional wound or trauma, which leads to some choices that are not aligned with who you are, which leads to a place where you do not belong and can no longer stand.

So let’s get you to where you do belong, shall we?

Start by contacting me so we can book a free 1-hour session together and see if we are a good fit for each other.


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