Looking back in hindsight, my first 38 years on this planet look to me like a training ground for the second part of my life, which began in 2014.

An NYU graduate with a major in International Business and a minor in Psychology, followed by a Master’s in Databases and Systems Integration, I was prepared for a bright future in business.

From marketing assistant and graphic designer to webmaster, web developer and finally owner and tech CEO of a successful e-commerce software publishing company, I progressed cautiously but grew steadily. Learning and mastering the tools of digital arts and technology, and progressively achieving greater levels of financial success and freedom, while creating and supporting a family along the way.

But a very deep part of me had been ignored all along the way. The child in me had become very serious very early on in life and I had set the bar for myself extremely high as early as 7 years old. With a father that had me at age 56 and had a fragile health, I was in a hurry to become a successful businessman like my father. So he could be proud of me before he died.

Combined with a hypersensitive nature to begin with, the pressure and expectations I inflicted on myself over the next 30 years created all sorts of emotional blockages and unhealthy thought patterns. All of this also led me to hold back and “play safe”, in complete contradiction with a high level of ambition.

Addictions and depression kicked in at around age 16 and 19, respectively. During the most severe episodes in my 20’s, daily suicidal thoughts were common, and, on some days, something as simple as having to get out of the couch at night to turn on the lights felt like having to lift a mountain.

But I navigated the ups and downs the best I could, created my web agency in 2003, switched to software development in 2012, and by the summer of 2014, I had a very successful software business. As well as a team I had learned to delegate to, and I had just come back from a wonderful family trip to New York and Disney / Universal in Florida with my wife and son.

Except I was smoking 2 packs of cigarettes per day, drank at least one bottle of wine every night, and smoked 2-3 joints a day, also playing a daily average of 3-4 hours of video games and neglecting sleep. I was in fact miserable and bored out of my mind, and my marriage and family were deeply suffering from it too. Something started manifesting itself in my chest. An unpleasant sensation. I got scared.

And so I took a long break. A 3-year break. I started by going part-time at work, and got myself back in physical shape.

Over the next 3 years I experimented with just about everything and reached out for help in various places: a psychotherapist, a Soul Mastery coach, a nutritionist, a powerful acupuncture and homeopathy master, a Theta Healing specialist. I looked at things like the Secret Language of Destiny, MBTI, Human Design. I started practicing meditation regularly, travelled to Peru for an Ayahuasca retreat, to the UK for an Iboga one… The list goes on !

I did not cheat. I did the deep emotional and Soul work diligently. Faced all the emotions courageously. The grief from my father’s death, the anger, the frustration, the sorrow, the self-hatred from years of depression. The feelings of loneliness from childhood. I cleansed. Shedding layer after layer of what was no longer necessary, sometimes crying hysterically without even knowing what I was releasing. It didn’t matter. What mattered was accepting it and letting it go.

In doing so, I received many valuable insights around the mechanisms of addictions and depression. Gems of insight and knowledge that are still with me today, and that demand nothing more than to be of service.

This eventually led me to the decision to sell my business so I could begin to embrace my true calling: helping other people on this planet live in greater freedom, joy and alignment with who they are, raising global consciousness in the process. By August 2017, my business was sold and my family and I had moved to a new region.

And so here I am today. After informally but successfully helping some friends who had been going through some difficult times as well and had reached out to me, I decided to leverage the insights I had received, take the leap and embrace a coaching career myself. My 20 years in business, IT and design are not lost either. Feel free to also visit me at niryconsulting.com.

All these combined experiences have allowed me to bridge the practical and the Divine. Should you decide to work with me, I will help you navigate through intense life change in a deeply authentic manner, yet with a very pragmatic, actionable, down-to-earth approach, with just the right balance of Masculine and Feminine energy.

If you feel like I can be of service, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact me. We’ll start with a free 1-hour conversation to see if we’re a good fit for each other and take it from there.

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